The Porn Siren

Help is finally at hand for all those parents who have no control over their children!

The Porn Siren™ is the Ultimate in Child Security Software!

After installing the Porn Siren™ on your PC, you need never worry about watching your children again. This incredible software does all the work for you. Now you can let the computer do the babysitting, secure in the knowledge that the Porn Siren™ is doing it's job.

Here's how it works: The Porn Siren™ sits unobtrusively on your harddrive, monitoring all webpages visited by underage surfers. The second a porn site is accessed, the easy-to-install 210db megaphone screams into action, emitting a loud wailing noise. This siren instantly alerts you to an outbreak of natural sexual curiosity in your child, allowing you to crush it within seconds! Now you can wave goodbye to all those embarrassing talks about sex, thanks to the Porn Siren™!

Available soon, only from this website. Optional purple siren with added shame enhancer sold separately.

Disclaimer: Porn Siren™ does not detect or protect your child from racial or religious hate sites, death and dismemberment sites, news sites or politicians.

PS: If you are interested in stopping your children from seeing inappropriate adult material, you may wish to check out the parental control software products listed here. You may also want to consider having that talk.

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