Expert Warns On Hymnotoxins

Noted anti-church activist Dr. Judith D. Bogeyman recently gave expert opinion to the Department of Justice regarding the dangerous effects of church hymns on the brain.

Bogeyman, who has studied at numerous universities in the US and Europe, has long compaigned against the influence of churchgoing, and argues that regular church use results in significant brain damage.

She has coined the term "hymnotoxins" to describe the negative effect of church music on the pathways and nerves of the brain.

Her submission to the government inquiry into the effects of church addiction read:

Thanks to the latest advances in neuroscience, we now know that emotionally arousing songs such as hymns imprint and alter the brain, triggering an instant, involuntary, but lasting, biochemical memory trail.

This applies to both traditional church hymns and modern Christian rock, which may, arguably, subvert the First Amendment by overriding the cognitive speech process.

Once our neurochemical pathways are established they are difficult or impossible to delete. Church hymns also commonly trigger the viewer's "singing off tune" hormones producing intense emotional states that appear to fuse the conscious state of remembering the melody and fitting the word "heaven" into one syllable with unconscious emotions of fear, shame, anger and hostility.

The words of the hymn and the tune itself become deeply imbedded, commonly coarsening, confusing, motivating and addicting many of those exposed.

How does this "brain sabotage" occur? Brain scientists tell us that "in 3/10 of a second an aural imprint passes from the ear through the brain, and whether or not one wants to, the brain is structurally changed and memories are created. We literally 'grow new brain' with each aural experience."

Children and others who cannot read can instantly decode and experience aural experiences... . In fact, hymns commonly subvert left hemisphere cognition.

In a recent media, Dr Bogeyman defended her assertions about the existence of hymnotoxins.

"They have a toxic effect on everyone and we all know that," she said. "We don't need billion-dollar studies to know that." *

Bogeyman is working with the government on a bill to ban churchgoing because of its addictive nature.

She also campaigns to remove religious books from libraries in an attempt to protect children from "harmful material."


Meanwhile, on a serious note: The quoted paragraph above is almost verbatim, with a few vital words changed. You can find the original at http://www.drjudithreisman.com/archives/2005/12/senate_subcommi.html. Then you have two choices: you can laugh at how completely unscientific the whole thing is, or you can despair at the fact that those words were actually taken seriously by a US government agency.
* This quote is from the article: Antiporn Activist Says Porn Addiction Drove Virginia Tech Killing

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