Church Addiction

It's big! It's everywhere! And it's not going away! It's organized religion, and it's addictive.

The statistics are shocking. Almost half of all Americans attend church at least once a week. And for some that's not enough. These people feel the need for more than just weekly sermons and hymns. Some go about getting their regular fix of organized religion from prayer groups and bible study classes. There are even week-long retreats and holiday camps.

Clearly this is compulsive, addictive behaviour.

Church seems to cater to a primal need - it offers the user a chance to be part of a group. It also assuages the fear of death, one of the most instinctual of human responses.

And because church offers this to users, especially those in a weakened emotional state, the desire for church can easily overcome reason and turn into an addiction.

Our highly researched and accurate anecdotal evidence suggests that the more people go to church, the less effect it has. It can start out innocently enough, but soon the novelty wears off. The church user starts seeking out "harder" religious experiences. Their belief systems become more and more rigid. Soon, normal compassionate codes of ethics are not enough for them. Before long they're giving up masturbation and believing George W. Bush has a personal telephone to God. The human fallout from this can be devastating.

Disturbingly, churches encourage this addiction. They tell users that not attending church will result in supernatural retribution ("Hell"). This means the church user is then locked into a downward spiral of regular church attendance. Once a church addiction begins, it can be exceedingly difficult to break free.

exexExchurch exists to allow church addicted people to escape from their own organized religion habit without judgment or pressure, through the power of parody and porn.

Together, we can break free of church addiction.

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