The exexExChurch 12 Step Plan

1. Visit the exexExChurch website and discover the truth about the addictiveness of church.
2. Conclude that your own church addiction is causing problems in your life and with your sexuality.
3. Make the decision to change your life, to break free of the scourge of church addiction
4. Take the exexExChurch pledge
5. Make a searching inventory of all the quality exexExChurch galleries and decide what gets you hot
6. If you're still talking to God, humbly ask him to remove your underthings *
7. Now make a concerted effort to purchase some of our recommended porn, for therin lies salvation from church addiction
8. View said porn regularly
9. Now watch the Life of Brian and admit that this is the greatest film ever made
10. Watch Dogma and practice your "Buddy Christ" pose
11. Purchase more of our recommended porn, this time to help pay our bandwidth bills
12. Tell all your friends about exexExChurch, and about how parody and porn have changed your life for the better

* With apologies for the all powerful, all mighty D. Wayne Love. Born to make love, baby.

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